Which type are you? Active, Sedentary, or Joint Pain Sufferer?

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Which type are you?

The marathon enthusiast? The busy career person or business owner? Or the 'if I sneeze something pops' guy/gal?

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Or maybe you are a combination of all three. During the workweek, you spend time at your desk or doing repetitive movements that have you feeling stiff.  Then you become a weekend warrior (runner, flex arm). But by the end of all that, your body is aching.

You wouldn't believe how many people have specific goals in mind but are deterred when their bodies won't co-operate.

I've had clients that had started a fitness routine only to quit weeks later due to joint pain. But by the time they come to me, they are hesitant to start again because they worry that their pain will return once we start.

That's where my corrective specialist background comes in! I always start my clients with corrective exercises and focus on the importance of myofascial release like foam rolling. Click here to claim your free fitness assessment.

So whether you are one or a combination of the people above, I have something for you.

The best exercises for knee pain

Aside from back pain, knee pain is a common concern for people who are active. Read this blog post for exercises you can do to help strengthen your knees.

Use a knee brace when needed

Knee braces like these (affiliate link) can help you in the short term. The best thing you can do is trigger point, strengthen and stretch your knee so you don't have to rely on braces.

joint health

Don't ignore stiff muscles

Although you may be tempted to pop a pain killer or muscle relaxer to work out through the pain, don't. Here is what you can do instead.

Back pain from bad posture & 5 stretches you can do today

Sitting for hours a day can take a toll on your back among other parts of your body. If your back is hurting from poor posture, read this blog post.

Foam Rolling for tight muscles in Austin TX

Take action on Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms happen for different reasons regardless of your lifestyle. If you have been suffering from spasms, read this blog post.

Get support

Join our Facebook group to get tips and ideas on how to deal with joint pain. You can join here.


I hope these resources help you.  As always, I am just an email away if you have any questions.  And if you are in the Austin area, claim your free session now!  Thanks for reading.

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