Why are my joints popping and how do I fix it?

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Joints popping aren't just annoying, they indicate a joint issue.

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Why are my joints popping?


The reason you get joints popping when you walk or move around is that your muscles are very tight.  Your weaker muscles have been stretched out because the tighter opposite muscles lose their flexibility.  


When you start doing SMR, your tight muscles will start lengthening close to where they are supposed to be.  This is what leads to posture correction. When people work with me, one of the first things we do is work on posture correction.  



I was talking to someone recently about his knee issues.  He was told by his physical therapist that he has arthritis in the knees and would need a knee replacement.  He asked me if the popping in his knees would ever go away.  The sad part is that the physical therapist told him that the popping would never go away.


What I told his person was that I would challenge this physical therapist’s answer.  The popping WILL diminish eventually. And here is how.


How do you fix popping joints?


We have a corrective exercise program specifically for joint pain relief.


  1. We correct your posture.

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When I talk about taking care of your posture, you do this with Self Myofascial Release (SMR).  We get rid of joint pain by releasing the tight muscles. This helps correct your posture. Massage therapists go about this by trigger pointing with sports massage and deep tissue massage.


They do this to get rid of the discomfort on the joints. The thing they fail to do is strengthen the weak muscle. That’s where we come in.  


  1. We work on your balance and stability.


Then we focus on core and balance to help you start activating those weaker muscles. 


  1. We add endurance and strength training to protect your joints longer term.

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All fitness professionals talk about activating your weaker muscles and firing up your muscles. This is so your body starts working properly.   What they don’t mention to you is that you will need to build strength and condition those muscles.  If you want to have better posture and feel better that is.


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I have worked with clients before that had joints popping on their shoulder joints, neck, elbows, knees and guess what? They no longer have those popping noises.  Don’t wait until your joints popping turn into a more serious issue. Start exercising now.

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