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As a personal trainer who used to work at a box gym, I can tell you what you can expect. When you go into a gym to check it out, the Sales advisor shows you all the cardio equipment the gym has to offer. Then, they show you the big classroom they have and try to sell you on all the free classes. They’ll also show you the free weights and all the shiny machines to use and any other amenity that particular gym may have.  

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The average gym membership is about $45 a month. Memberships sometimes include some type of $30 initiation fee. Don't forget the $40-$60 annual fee. Then they’ll try to sell you on Personal Training which averages about $300.

What a gym personal trainer costs you

For a $1.50/day you have access to a gym, personal trainer and classes 7 days per week. This is awesome… however, let’s face it NO ONE goes 7 days per week. On average, people will go to the gym 16 times per month. Now your $1.50 per day membership just got to be $2.81 per day plus training. The total cost that you spent on membership plus training would be roughly $565 per month. Typically within 3 months, you get slapped with an annual fee. Supposedly this is used for upgrades for the gym. (It's actually for corporate pockets).

Let’s do this math real quick.

$565 x 12 months = $6,780 + annual fee of $50 = $6,830 per year on training and gym membership.

Gym Personal Trainer Policies & Flexibility

In the typical gym, you will have a 24-hour cancellation policy, in which you will lose the session and money. Yes, we trainers want to hold you accountable and make sure you get to your goals, but do we have the right to take your money with it as well? Also, what happens if the personal trainer cancels on you within the 24 hours? Should you not get something from it? How fair is that?

Here is another stressor, high turn around rate. The personal trainer that you have put your time with is gone.  The one you shared some personal stuff with is gone. The personal trainer that KNOWS how to train you and HOW to motivate is gone.  Most of the time they leave suddenly with no notice. Now you are forced to work with a brand new personal trainer who may not be as good as your previous trainer. 

Don’t get me wrong, having a membership is good. You have access to a variety of equipment that you can use for your goals. Yet, if you think about it, look at what you’re actually using.  If you only use one particular cardio equipment, why not just buy it and save tons of money? Use those savings to hire an insured certified personal trainer. Some of these trainers know that when you commit to them to help you to get to your goals, they are not (at least me), going to charge you for a 24-hour cancellation. We understand that at the very last minute something happens and you may be forced to reschedule.

Independent Personal Trainers

The other great thing about working with an independent trainer is that unlike in a large gym you won't have a lot of people looking at you while you train.  Your personal trainer either has a private studio or trains you in your home. By hiring an independent personal trainer you pay for what you actually need. This prevents you from wasting extra money on equipment you are not going to use. Don't forget about the smelly person next to you or dirty locker rooms in those gyms. That does not happen when you invest your health the right way by hiring a certified and experienced independent trainer.

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Rafael has been in the health and fitness industry since 2006.  He is certified by the NASM & insured.

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