You can ease migraines with regular exercise

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Exercise to Ease Migraines


If you've ever experienced a migraine, you already know that all you can manage to do is crawl into your bed and wait for the storm the pass. However, according to science, if you have a migraine, the best thing to do is exercise.

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Why? Because when you exercise, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins are the body's natural pain killers. Or at least helps you manage the pain.

What do you think? Hang on because there is more.

So, after some research, it turns out that some people do benefit from exercising when they have a migraine. And in some cases, strenuous exercises can even cause migraines in people that are prone to migraines.

But by exercising daily or at least a few times a week you should be able to ease the severity and frequency of migraine headaches. These exercises could be something like cardio or lifting some weights a few times a week. Plus, this also increases your overall health and wellness.

Benefits of regular exercise:

- Reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases like
-High blood pressure
- Helps improve sleep patterns
- Relieves stress

All of these can subtly affect the likelihood of migraines.

If you are prone to migraines but gave up exercising because you believe it triggered a migraine, try again. This time though, adjust the type of exercises you do.

These are some common exercise migraine triggers:

* Not eating properly before exercising and causing a dramatic drop in blood sugar to happen
* Not drinking enough water and becoming dehydrated while exercising
* Starting a new eating plan and a new exercise plan at the same time
* Jumping into strenuous exercise without warming up properly

If you believe exercise is triggering your migraines, keep a journal. This helps to pinpoint exertion-related migraine triggers. Try to include the following:

* Time of day when exercising
* Last meal prior to workout
* Water intake
* Medication details
* Whether or not a headache occurred during or after the workout

The best type of exercise for you if you are prone to migraines is regular, moderate cardio exercise. Do this for at least 30 minutes three times a week. These can be:

* Power Walking
* Jogging
* Cycling
* Swimming
* Dancing

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